Ausência total, por tanto tempo!!!! Explica-se… English! Freud certainly would try to analyze this!

December 29th, 2013 por

“Close your eyes” by Michael Bublé, on board of an Airlink plane, flying back from Mozambique, has been able to make me cry! I play it over and over again to make sure that the prevailing feeling is the moto of the tears dropping from my eyes. Yes, it’s exactly that, not only driven by the lyrics of the song, but by the memories of all those eyes staring at me as if I were the different one.

Children’s eyes as well as adults’, faces of desperation, all of them a step away from the darkness of death. The stinky smell reminded me of rotten flesh, sweat and black buitres. What a dreadful reality! I want to run away, to close my eyes and forget, but this is just impossible. On the top of it, I have to listen to all the aberrant possibilities and unrealities of those who think that I have been softly touched by the previous visions and stories.

And, for sure, I was the outsider who was there to help but, at the same time,  was absolutely deprived from my good intentions and pulled into a marasmatic, chaotic and despised situation, leading myself into an angry state! I am furious, not with the poverty, but for sure with the arrogance and the exploitation of the people by their own people.

Africa, my roots and my dreams of a beautiful and joyful past, is gone! Angola, Mozambique and maybe all the other countries are left adrift to the new imperialism and people’s exploitation, where human life means nothing, bribery and corruption lead the current status and, the will power to change is wiped  off, maybe by the inertia of those who could do it but are eager to become richer and richer!

“After all”, Bryan Adams, sung by Michael justifies that it does not matter who I am or what I had in mind when coming here, because there is nothing to be done, except forget that Africa once existed in my life! It’s over……!!!

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  1. Carolina Mourão comentou:

    Miss your posts!!.. Thank God you’re back!!! but so sad…

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