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Things happen out of coincidence, destiny or because you go after them?  Maybe, all together might explain the course of life, this is to say: meant to be with a little help of yourself!

A pragmatic scientist would always say that things happen as a consequence of the research carried out, thus the question initially posed should be the answered one, or also as it is well known,  the main goal of a certain project should be the essence of it, even if there are deviated or unexpected outcomes. But then, life cannot be seen as such, because we are not a 100% owners of our passage in this world (there is God, yes, I have always believe in Him! As there are many people who come and go, all with a certain purpose). I have always played the scientist and the surgeon within my own principle of life and, even in my very few spiritual moments, I would “statistically” try to find the explanation for whatever I was questioning or searching! Thank God, I have evolved, and lately I cannot see the world so “straight to the point” as ever.

Many examples have led to the “turning point” encompassing real important events to spiritual encounters as the one yesterday. I went to  a spiritual place where  someone I had never met before, but who was responsible to lead me to the blessing touch, approached me while conducting me to the room and tells me this “your hair is absolutely gorgeous”.  Well, here is the point, in this country, Brazil, I am most of the times criticized  because I do not die my hair, something unacceptable in this beauty ridden society.  I have always stood firm against it because my age is not shown by my white hair but by my perspective of life. Anyway, this person, immediately after having said that to me, also approaches my young student who accompanied me there and asks her a bunch of questions dealing with us being there and, indicating we should be back on other days, specifically on Mondays, when the services are more appropriate to us (how come? nothing is known about me, her, us. But apparently yes, because other messages came along).

Another simple example is in the old t-shirt I am wearing today, which I love and bought for the beauty of the pattern,  but had never, ever bothered to read the sentences as I did this morning before heading to another mission: Cartagena!

Anyway, “feeling and overthinking everything” has been a constant in my last few weeks and no doubt that “I’m a curious girl. I spend most of my days dreaming, There is always some madness in dreams, but there is always some reason in madness”.

Gosh….how true! Daydreaming more than night dreaming, absolutely conscious of the surrounding reality with much madness in the dreams although reason prevails over madness has been my reality. In the up and down of the roller coaster or of the yo-yo, as previously written about, there are moments of profound despair, sadness,  thoughts of forgiveness of the unforgivable, as betrayal and lies are serious sins which put together with barbarian invasions and many other things should not even cross my mind. But, above all,  I dream of….

A “heritage culture”, maybe because mine is a mixture of so many and maybe none! I dream of a certain  appeal to a lifestyle less intense, maybe fulfilled with a bit of nostalgia such as something similar to values of honor, strength, and resourcefulness of old time cowboys, romanticizing and mythologizing an image of tradition! After all, I am a spiritualist and there was/is certainly  a purpose….


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  1. Jesusita Hausladen comentou:

    I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site?


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