A frenetic yo-yo….

May 7th, 2016 por

As an up and down yo-yo, crazily and frenetically stretching and recoiling its rope, life has catapulted decisions and emotions over time in my last few days, but not only, as this has been going on for years. Painful and overflowing with feelings (mostly devastating), such as in a 10-grade earthquake, followed by a tsunami, the outcome has been marked by concrete acts and, the voice of  angels announcing a better, certainly, more peaceful future.

Coincidently, I am introduced to the art of Mauritus Cornelis Escher, who happened to have died 12 years after the day  I was born. According to Escher “to express something impossible and absurd, it’s absolutely necessary to surround it with a predictable normality”.  And, this is exactly what I had been facing for many years, reaching its crescendo in the last moments as sordid, unthinkable and almost unbelievable situations.  I am struck not only by the hard truth, but also somehow scared by the surreality of the encountered scenario. The latter,  together with the cry of the angels in whom I, a pragmatic surgeon, would never believe they exist, made me rethink many things.

Yes, angels do exist, and look exactly like the ones painted by Micheangelo, with blond/brownish hair and green/blue/gray eyes. Now, I have become to understand why certain people enter one’s life  apparently with no explanation in the beginning but a tremendous role as time goes on.  The future? Well, this is for the future!

Escher,  expressed winding staircases, transformation asymmetry, impossible constructions in his arts, as well as he represented  so many more bizarre moments, something  identical to what I have been living for so long: a life of illusion! Independent but used,  free but invaded, intense but abused! This  individual  started to be buried on May 1st, 2016, the very same day my only idol died 22 years ago (Ayrton Senna). Finally, on May 3rd, she was transformed into powder to give birth to someone who will definitely keep her essence with, of course, a lot of everything, intense as ever, because  “I cannot be less than something very exaggerated; I was born almost full of everything and, with time, I started to overflow; I don’t like small things the same way I don’t like anything warm; and please, do not ask me to be calm, because my soul is always in a hurry” (these sentences were in my Instagram, exactly in the morning of decisions.) Coincidence???

No, there is not such a thing, but rather: angels, witches, spirits, God! They will follow me forever, as I am not blind anymore!

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