Life as it is…

April 4th, 2016 por

These last few weeks have been marked by an intense yo-yo routine.

First, Brazil is under an unprecedented chaotic political, social and economic crisis that has made me wonder where we are heading to, while at the same time deeply regretting not having left long ago. Even simple things, such as sending the human specimen for the purpose of research, with everything paid by our Canadian friends and collaborators, has been stuck for a whole week due to customs issues. Which issues? Noone knows! Luckily, these were just tested materials, because otherwise we would indeed have lost the specimen that must be kept under freezing temperatures. The worst is that nobody can give us a clear objective report! Something, to cry out loud!
Second, I have been compelled to watch the movie of life go through, and wonder where to head to in the face of the many above current realities. In Angola, we had an open movie theater named Flamingo where I had glorious moments not only related to movies but also to Carnaval shows. Dressed up as the “knowledgeable little rabbit” I was awarded second place, in 1969 (I think), and contrary to what everyone thought that would be disappointed (after all, to be the first has always been my moto), I was delighted! Those little ironies of life, but as the first runner up I received a wooden set of a table and chair, like those available in schools, that I would use to study! A clue to my future or a reality of a young girl who by then already read forbidden books, hidden in the little toilet of my house first floor? Books and books, as well as movies and plays, have enlarged my world and also my dreams. Incredible how age has not changed much that once little girl dreamer, to the point that this week I had it tattooed on my right forearm together with the little flying witch on my shoulder. Mom when saw it asked: are you out of your mind? You are almost 60!

Well, well, not really, there are still four more years to go! And, no, no….I am absolutely not out of my mind! Although I wished, I were, because I would then be able to kick the bucket and solely follow my dreams! There are still too many to be lived! Life as it is…..

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